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Amaryllis Plant Gifts

Surprise the gardener in your life with an easy-to-grow amaryllis plant gift.

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Amaryllis Plant Gifts

Brilliant amaryllis flowers make a wonderful addition to everyone's holiday décor. If you order them from Harry & David, they arrive as bulbs pre-planted in beautifully decorated pots. All you have to do is give them water and a touch of sunlight, and they will produce a spectacular, vibrant amaryllis flower. Amaryllis gifts are very popular around the holidays because it's fun to watch them grow little by little, day by day. And the colorful blossom is one of many peoples' favorite flowers.

Amaryllis flowers come in various shades of red, pink, white, and other colors. The blossoms are big—often five to six inches wide—so they make a grand impression, lending elegance to any room. If loved ones are far away during the holidays, an amaryllis gift is a lovely way to show how much you care. An amaryllis gift makes a marvelous hostess gift, as well. Sharing the radiant beauty of an amaryllis flower is always appropriate whether you are sending it to a coworker, a friend, or family member.

The gift of beauty is sure to delight. At Harry & David, we understand the true importance of gifts and how they bring people together during any season. That's why we are sure to deliver our gifts on time and in perfect condition.